Виктор Каган "О своем на чужом"

Remind me - I can not recall
What happened, and where, and how.
Allusion … delusion … and all!
Present me insight, aha, wow.

Futility. Neither and nor.
And soul now cries now laughs.
Just mouse in front of the door.
Just devil in silence applauds.

Be kind, show Thour charity God!
Thou see - I am tired to be mute.
My memory - fairy geod -
Is closed. I'm humble and nude.

But silence. And midnight is blend.
Just silence. And I am alone.
And suddenly I understand
That poetry is heavy crown.

Let me ask for a moment of rest -
sandy beach or whispering forest.
Sense my simple innocent request -
I implore, and forgive me I molest.

Let me ask for a silent sunset.
Let me stay absolutely alone.
Let me study the love's alphabet
under sheen of a star on my scone.

Give me wisdom to learn from my pain.
Give me force to remember and live.
Give me strength to forget and forgive,
And arise - ask Thou - daybreak again.

Let me ask, give me please, let me ask …
Thou, my God, look at me and surprise,
"Listen, guy, it's your business, your task.
But all right - are you ready? Arise!

Second life is presented to you.
Second chance to confess and to sin.
All for you. Roulette wheel - and come spin!
We will look, we will see - what is new".